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The Sleazies

Okay, bios suck ass but are sometimes necessary, so here goes: The Sleazies, a quartet of lazy drunk fucks who take years to squeeze out an album and who rarely tour, hail from the ever-corrupt and mobbed up "arts renaisannce" city state of Providence, RI. They play hopped up, catchy '70s ish punk rock and get compared to bands like The Dickies, Ramones, Angry Samoans, and The Briefs by the record review-writing folks. That's who they were setting out to rip off anyway (minus The Briefs, who they hadn't heard of when they wrote their album, plus Dead Kennedys, Brian Wilson, and AC/DC), so thanks record review-writing folks. If you like booze and drugs, cars and girls, rock and roll, and if jumping up and down for 20 minutes sounds like fun, then you'll probably dig The Sleazies.

PS: Hey Kids! Emo sucks. Stop listening to the whiney shite and buy a fuckin' Motörhead album…

mp3 Track: "Gonna Operate On Myself"

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Trite Ditties and Meaningless Crap
(Pelado Records)

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