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eROTic "Nothing"
Ghost Parade "Strangle"
Liquid Mercury "Fifty Stars"
Plink "Undo"
Regenerator "Organism (All Nite Mix)"
The Crüxshadows "Cassandra"
The Last Dance "Nightmares"
ThouShaltNot "Cardinal Directions"
TRS-80 "Phantom Power"
Ulver "Vowels"
Wolfmaster "Rising Black Flags"

31 Knots "No Sound"
Asciento "My Friend the Night"
Bright Calm Blue "Static"
Chubby "Serious"
Constants in Breaking "Entering Exeter part 1"
Dedspace "No Machine"
Driver of the Year "Stuck Up Drunk"
Envy "Distress of Ignorance"
Eyes Like Knives "Waylo"
Jim’s Big Ego "They’re Everywhere"
Joint Custody "Chronograph"
Life at Sea "One & Only"
Machinery Hall "Complete (Live Acoustic)"
Manifold "Room 22"
Map "Lay Down the Law"
Need New Body "Show Me Your Heart"
Poor Rich Ones "Milwaukee"
Riddle of Steel "One Inch Deep"
Ring, Cicada "La Renard"
Rob Falgiano "Burning Sun"
Seneca "The Flood"
Sicbay "Herculaneum"
Sister Sonny "Leonard in Drag"
Spark of Life "Intellectual Bankruptcy"
Tenki "Kiss of Millions"
The Blackouts "Green Electric Glow"
The Desert Fathers "Pitbulls"
The Failure "Director of Misinformation"
The Forms "Stravinsky"
The Lovetones "What Am I to Do"
The Marlboro Chorus "The Unrulable Child"
The Silent Treatment "Momentary (Thanks For the Rise)"
The Snake The Cross The Crown "Same As It Ever Was"
The Start "The 1234"
The Telegenic "This Heart’s Alive"
The Unicorns "Tuff Ghost"
This Bright Apocalypse "The Ballad of West Virginia"
VCR "I’ve Got My Own Problems (Sounds of Love)"

Acumen Nation "Heavens To Murgatroid"
As I Lay Dying "Forever"
Backstabbers Incorporated "I Say Kill the Killers"
Crisis "Study in Cancer"
Christopher "Nokturne"
Deadwater Drowning "Bliss From a Dead Embrace"
Debris "Snowballed"
Flamethrower "I Want it All"
Forever I Burn "The Better Part of Valor"
Found Dead Hanging "It’s Hard to Hail a Cab While Holding Yourself at Gunpoint"
Freakhouse "Beautiful Misery"
From A Second Story Window "I Tried Voodoo Once"
King Diamond "Blood to Walk"
Mindfield "Dead End Love"
Monstrosity "The Exordium"
Random Acts of Violence "Unleashing"
Six Feet Under "Amerika the Brutal"
Speedloader "Frontside"
The Black Dahlia Murder "Contagion"
The Crown "Face of Destruction"
Trivium "If I Could Collapse The Masses"
ZEKE "Devil’s Island"

Adolf and the Piss Artists "All He Ever Wanted"
All State Champion "The Greatest"
Angry Amputees "No Mercy"
Ann Beretta "Forget Today, Forget Tommorow"
Barbara Ann "I Can Give You More"
Big Midnight "Little Miss Mercy"
Broken Bottles "Drinking in the Rain"
Broken Heroes "My Day"
Bull Lee "Lipstick Teeth & Deadly Venom"
Creep Division "Fit The Part"
Darling Articles "You Do It Anyway"
Dirty Water "Doin’ Time"
Fairweather Fan "Left for You"
Fat Ass "104 Northeast Drive"
Gravity Propulsion System "Solvent"
I Want Out "Pull up a Chair"
Monty’s Fan Club "Hearts Bleeding"
Pensive "The 3rd of July"
Procession Came Opposite "The Silver"
T.S.O.L. "Serious"
The Agitators "Candy of the Century"
The Black Lips "I’ve Got a Knife"
The Boils "One More Face in the Crowd"
The Dishes "Flim Flam"
The Jet City Fix "Dumb Luck" *Video Track
The Prozacs "Double Feature"
The Same Page "Disenchanted"
The Shocker "Your Problem Now"
The Stivs "Regulate the Flow"
The Streetwalkin Cheetahs "None of Your Business"
The Sweethearts "Crawlin'"
The Tunnel Rats "Bed Full of Fat Chicks"
The Weekend Warriors "Back at it Again"
The Wretched Ones "Nice Guys Finish Last"
Toys That Kill "Runnin’ the Front"

Broadzilla "Ecstasy"
Cable "Tennessee"
Camarosmith "It’s Alright"
Danko Jones "Sound of Love"
Downstage "Truly"
Dropsonic "The Girl Who Lives in a Bubble"
Five Horse Johnson "Cherry Red"
Greenleaf "The Combination"
Ichabod "John Rocker"
Krescent 4 "Valentine"
Lamont "Hot Wire"
Lazerwolfs "Dissent"
Modey Lemon "Predator"
Mugwart "The Prostitute"
Nova Express "Give it to You"
Players Club "Hero Snake"
Quick Fix "Sick"
Railsplitter "Long Time Comin’"
Rickshaw "I’m Ready!"
Speadealer "CCCP"
The Napolean Blownaparts "Unlucky Star"
The Radio Hour "The Killer on the Kennedy"
The Sullied "No One"
There "My Head"
Throttlerod "Whistlin' Dixie"
Totimoshi "Make Your Day"

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The Jet City Fix "Dumb Luck"

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