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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Give is the result of an unlikely collaboration between a diverse set of musicians, who themselves hail from an equally diverse set of bands.

From Honkeyball, Boston's premier heavy band in the late 1990's, come George Tsiaras (guitar/vocals) and Claude Yama (bass). From pop songsmiths Lazlo Bane comes Chris Link (guitar/vocals). And from the post-metal noise band Claymore comes Stephen Hart (drums/vocals).

Give is part aggro-pop, part hard rock. strong vocals, loud guitars, and a killer rhythm section joined in the quest for the perfect song. Songs to sing out loud.

mp3 Track:

" Speeding Bullet "

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Latest Release:
The Dog Days of Summer

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Recorded by Andrew Schneider, New Alliance Studios, Boston, MA. Mixed and mastered by Chad Fischer, Cheswick Studios, Los Angeles, CA
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