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The Break

Sometimes simple is good. Sometimes simple is great. The Break did not re-invent punk rock – they just do it better. These five young men from New Jersey have come up with music that is simple, original and built to last.
The Break formed in the spring of 2001, when guitarists Kevin Tunney and Mike Rummel, drummer Eric Vida and bassist Moss Allen (who had all spent the previous year searching for the perfect front man) found singer John Waverka, whose vocals blended seamlessly with the band's music.

Sometimes it just takes the chemistry of a complete band to bring out the true passion of its members. It is that passion that supplied the band with their namesake. The Break comes from that point when the individual splits from society; when they decide to stop following and become leaders.

A perfect blend of rhythm and melody, The Break's songs move along effortlessly, taking the listener on a sonic joyride of both style and substance. Rummel explains, "I come up with a guitar part and a rhythm, from there a concept for the whole song emerges." All of their songs, no matter how one may choose to label them, are full of passion and sincerity.

"I want my music to be energetic," Waverka explains. "To leave the listener compelled to do something... I want to be the catalyst of some action or emotion." Indeed his lyrics do demand immediate attention – whether touching on such (sometimes) disparate topics of love or self-loathing. "The Meaning of Regret," a song that is saccharine in structure – tightly wound and unforgettably hooky, hits home with unabashed simplicity with the lyrics: "you wanted this more than anything in your life. And now that it's yours you need something more." "Empty" is a glimpse into the future of everyman, looking for answers but finding only reality. "He's tired of feeling empty, but he feels it anyway," Waverka sings over a deceptively poppy riff. "All of my lyrics are about making choices that change lives," Waverka enthuses.

And the 13 songs that make up The Break's debut album may very well change their lives. They have delivered an album of true punk rock power with an intelligence not often found in any corner of the rock ring. In fact, The Break has created an album that falls outside of the box; it is more like a circle that just won't fall in line with the other square pegs. No, The Break may have not re-invented punk rock, but they are here to show us exactly what it is.

mp3 Track: " 1.21 Gigawatts"

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1.21 Gigawatts

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Produced by Jason Livermore
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