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Gearhead Says… Let's Shake Some Action!

Gearhead Says… Let's Shake Some Action!

These last few weeks have been anything but normal around Gearhead HQ. Final preparations for Gearfest 2016 have occupied more time than I planned for, but that is normal when you're putting on a festival that has so many moving parts.

Organizing Gearfest has been a labor of love. It feels great to have the passion flowing through my veins again. I feel like a car that just had an oil change and tune up—revved up and ready to go go go!

I am excited, really truly excited to meet, hang out, rock out and just enjoy something social again. Listening to music that fuels my soul, drinking a few brews, checking out cool cars, eating some good food…. this is what running a company like Gearhead is all about.

I'm excited for the Ms. Gearhead Contest as well. Doing something good for the community and recognizing powerful creative women in our scene at the same time is a win-win for everyone. And besides, it's fun! To sign up, or just learn more about the contest check out the contest page.

I think back on those dark days not so long ago when I wasn't sure I ever wanted to listen to a record again or pull myself out of my pajamas, get dressed up and go see a band or a car show. Times were pretty rough, and it looked like Gearhead was gonna go the way of so many other small creative businesses. But thankfully, with the help, support and enthusiasm of you, my community, things have come 180 degrees around. Its like doing donuts in the dirt; the thrill is back, enjoying doing something really fun, even if it's kind of risky, makes life worth living.

0923gearhead3For those of you who can't make it, don't despair. I plan on making Gearfest an annual event, each year a little bigger, a little better and with a lot more warning than I gave you this year. I have no excuse; I am simply learning once again to navigate the trials and tribulations of running a small business and learning to ask for help.

Please make sure to introduce yourself if you're coming. I love meeting the people who support Gearhead! For a full schedule, please check out the Gearfest page.

To commemorate the event, a limited run of Gearfest shirts is now available featuring the poster on the back and the Gearhead logo on the front of a white t shirt.

I'm getting better with the social media thing and will hopefully have photos and video up pretty quick after the event. I'm sure other folks will be sharing as well: use #gearfest2016 and #Gearheadrocks as the hash tag if you do!

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank the sponsors who helped make Gearfest 2016 possible: Asphalt Rodeo, Sacramento Tattoo and Piercing, Rolling Rock Beer, Beautiful Disaster Cosmetics, Kustom Koffins Apparel, Tres Noir Optics East SMF, and Dave's Dawgs. You guys rock!

Now let's go shake some action!
XoXo Rev. Michelle

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