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Low Cut High Tops bring electro punk to the masses

Low Cut High Tops brings electro punk to the masses

"[Low Cut High Tops] figured out how to bang the shit out of those strings and project a surprisingly powerful snarling-whine…"­ – VICE's Noisey
Seattle's Low Cut High Tops is the identity of 23-year-old musician and art school dropout, David Burns.  Fresh on the scene, he released his first single and video for "Red Lipstick" with VICE's Noisey earlier this month to critical acclaim.  
In anticipation of his debut album Eh, Whatever set for release on February 5th, Low Cut High Tops revealed the new album track "Good Day" highlighted by a hard-hitting bass-line and Burns' trademark howl.
"I wanted to do something musically with a genre I don't listen to and know very little about," he explains. "I've never sung before, played guitar, or really recorded any organic instruments. I wanna show people that one person with an unusual voice can make a great rock record all by himself."
Eh, Whatever is a 10-track collection of swaggering electronic-infused punk rock.  Recorded in his bedroom, Burns had a hand in every step of the creative process –writing, recording, producing, mixing, and even making his own music videos.  Low Cut High Tops is set for a big year in 2016 – stay tuned!

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