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Naomi Punk tour the West Coast

Naomi Punk tour the West Coast

Over the summer, Naomi Punk released their sophomore album Television Man, the follow-up to their 2012 standout debut The Feeling. This March, Naomi Punk will be embarking on a tour down the West Coast, the second in support of this album, with PC Worship. Tour dates below.

Preceding this, Naomi Punk will be jet setting over the pond for their first European tour. Combined, this two month tour will see them playing 40 dates starting in Germany and wrapping up in California.
West Coast Tour
3/5  - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
3/6 - Seattle, WA - Black Lodge
3/8 - Victoria, BC - Lucky Bar
3/9 - Olympia, WA - Dumpster Values
3/11 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar Music Hall
3/12 - Van Nuys, CA - Takeoff Store
3/13 - Los Angeles, CA - Jewels
3/14 - San Diego, CA - Tower Bar
3/15 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place
3/18 - Davis, CA - Third Space Collective
w/PC Worship
"[On hearing Naomi Punk live] it felt sinister, playful, hypnotic, a little sadistic and totally gorgeous."
Washington Post

"10 tracks of jagged postpunk, Pacific Northwest grunge, and art-damaged sonic experimentation that's as genuinely pleasurable as it is challenging."
Entertainment Weekly

"...unexpectedly pretty, filled with twists of melody and structure far more sophisticated than they need to be to fly in the realms of punk and underground rock."

"Where grunge famously took a thudding, enraged heaviness and gave it a palatable edge, Naomi Punk takes those shards and makes them glisten with a minimalist edge, maximalist sound."

"The trio specialize in moments of meditative bliss found amid jerky noise, and their second album captures the full-throttle attack of their live show."
Rolling Stone

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