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New Pussy Riot video

New Pussy Riot video

After the sudden change of the sentencing date of one of the leaders of Russia's opposition Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg, members of Pussy Riot have decided to do their best to prepare and clean up the Manezhka square in downtown Moscow, where the evening protest rally will take place today.
Pussy Riot - "Witches of Pussy Riot clean Manezhka"
Kremlin propaganda and Putin himself has long portrayed everyone who is dissatisfied with the way things are going on the country and wants political change as devils and witches. During the Pussy Riot trial in 2012 a massive campaign in all government media was unfolded to show that women from Pussy Riot are a dangerous, foreign and evil threat to Russia. In 2014, with Russia's economy crumbling down and the country involved in an undeclared war in Eastern Ukraine and international financial and political boycott, Russians can make their choice and feel who has been the real evil in the country in the last several years.
Members of Pussy Riot are taking their image to the heart of Moscow to prepare the square for thousands and thousands of Russians who are ready to take their city back and demand an end to Putin's regime, which is one of the real evils in the world today.
The 4 words heard in the musical piece: Clean, Honest, Word and Deed are implying that Russians are ready to start cleaning up their country, putting an end to mass arrests, flighting for their political rights and putting the real meaning back in the words that matter.

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