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Harsh Toke
Light Up and Live (Tee Pee Records)
release date: 11/19/2013

The name Harsh Toke might get you thinking this is some aggressive stoner stuff, but "Plug In To The Moon," from the band's debut record, reveals that this San Diego crew is really much more interested in some cosmic feel-good vibes. I'm imagining hearing these sweet psychedelic guitar sounds, lounging on a lawn chair out in the middle of a desert valley at sunset, at one with the universe. This is seriously good stuff: Recreational drugs not even required for enjoyment. But if you happen to have any...

From the Ages (Tee Pee Records)
release date: 10/8/2013

First rec in six years, and it's a doozie! This instrumental trio is heavy blues jam, first and foremost, with space, Sabbath, and psychedelia flavors added to the meaty stew. While there are only four songs, two clock in at a wink under 15 minutes, one tops out at 5 minutes, and the closer title track gives itself over 30 minutes of breathing room. "Violence Under The Red Sea" never feels like filler. From the opening solo and strolling riff (well, it's a brisk stroll), there are fills at every turn from every instrument, pounding here, weaving feedback and wah-wah there, and grooves so deep, it's truly a wonder these guys can navigate them, together, in perfect unison, at such speeds. To seemingly never repeat yourself, to never seem dragged out, and to consistently engage the listener (sometimes amaze, sometimes simply getting the steady nod of approval), that's what good blues jamming is all about. And Earthless are all about it.

The Crimson ProjeKCt
Live In Tokyo (InsideOut Music)
release date: 3/3/2014

Featuring two sets of three King Crimson alum (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto; Markus Reuter, Julie Slick and Tobias Ralph) and using the "double trio" approach that KC favored in the '90s, The Crimson ProjeKCt is a suitably ambitious offshoot from the legendary prog masters. This Live In Tokyo release, taken from performances in 2013, leans heavily on material from KC's records in the '80s and '90s, including this take on "Frame By Frame," from 1981's Discipline.

Slough Feg
Digital Resistance (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 2/18/2014

Slough Feg wastes no time delivering fuzzy NWOBHM feelings on "Digital Resistance," the title track of their ninth studio album. Galloping guitars, wailing riffs, measured storytelling - it's a time machine back to the time when giants like Maiden and Angel Witch first scoured the earth. While the title may imply an army of robo-warriors, it's actually meant to signify a resistance of technology taking over our lives. Guess I better listen to this on vinyl.

Nashville Pussy
Up The Dosage (Steamhammer/SPV)
release date: 1/21/2014

Last time I saw these dudes (and gals, of course), they killed it back in 2000 at the Tattoo the Earth Festival (which, hilariously, stopped in MA before it was legal to tattoo in the state, so…stickers and henna tattoos for everyone!). I shouldn't have worried that they might have lost some of their whirlwind energy in the years between. With song titles that would make Seth Putnam proud, Nashville Pussy is guaranteed to clear all the shit from your sinuses with all-business rock cleansers like "The South's Too Fat To Rise Again" (now an inactive stream) and "Pillbilly Blues," which is a lot like the first song, only more soy sauce.

Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 12/10/2013

Scandinavia has always been the place to look for sleazy glam punk rock 'n' rolla, and Swedish outfit Sister delivers the goods. (They do this style way better up there than we do in the States nowadays, so even their D-listers are better than crap like Pop Evil.) Their sound, like on "Sick" from their latest album Disguised Vultures, steers away from the classic rock approach of The Hellacopters into something more modern, although mostly it's firmly in the style of Turbonegro, delivering rapid-fire rock that rarely takes a breather.

From All Purity (Relapse Records)
release date: 1/21/2014

Indian sure know how to scare off the weak ones: The opening track of their new record, From All Purity, is a howling hell hole of a song, recalling Made Out of Babies at their most cathartic. Plus, it's called "Rape." If you've got the will to stick around beyond that harsh initiation, you get to this more "accessible" song. "Directional" will make you glad you stayed, though - this is epic doom from this Chicago band that is crushingly heavy, slow as molasses, and blisteringly alive.

Vow (Tee Pee Records)
release date: 6/4/2013

Psych-rockers Naam return with their most cohesive to date. With Hawkwind and Iron Butterfly on the mind, Namm forge their own meandering path through the cosmos and desertscapes. There's some boogying on the star deck, if there be inter-planetary travel, and there's campfire shadow dancing, if not. With "Of the Hour," there's more a sense of urgency than chilled space-walk/star-gaze. This keyboard player rips, and that's not something you get to say often. Monster Magnet need look no further for an opening band, dig?

Red Fang
Whales and Leeches (Relapse Records)
release date: 10/15/2013

This Portland, Oregon stoner rock crew turned some heads with their eclectic 2011 release, Murder the Mountains, but things may have gone off the tracks since then. You be the judge on "Blood Like Cream." They've got the requisite galloping pace and fuzzed out guitars, but this sounds like an uninspired, Mastodon-lite number with a yucky taste of rawk radio. Redemption may lie elsewhere on the new album?

Church of Misery
Thy Kingdom Scum (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 6/11/2013

Great album name, solid stoner/doom band from Japan. Quite like Down, ya can't understand a goddamn word, but the riffs are thick and heavy, so you let it (mud)slide. When the tempo increases, so does the Iommi idolatry, with the finale of the 7 minute "Brother Bishop" hammering-on somewhere near "Into the Void."

Black Dog Barking (Roadrunner Records)
release date: 5/21/2013

Takes over a minute to get rockin' (much like AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock," whose intro "Live it Up" borrows generously from), but from there, the strippers'll be shakin' and gyratin', as long as they can find a babysitter, cuz their out-of-work boyfriend is passed out already and it's barely noon. Black Dog Barking continues the fine tradition of playing solid, enthusiastic, non-ironic, pretty manly swagger rock. The falsetto flights aren't twinkie, the group shouts are chest-thumping (but so were Nitro's, and skills or no, they were some of the worst posers of the lot), and like later/sober Crüe, they've got the chops as well as the stick twirls. Some songs seem significantly more "Photograph" gloss than "Primal Scream" hoo-rah, but the whole catalog'll rock your ass in the arena, especially if those girls keep rubbing up against you as they dance.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
Mind Control (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 5/14/2013

One of the more cohesive songs on the record, "Poison Apple" blends Kyuss' drawl and Sabbath's sock-hop. Deep Purple keys interlock with fuzzy riffs to make space for Beatles-esque piano tinkerings, if that's the way the song leads. Many tunes nuzzle Ghost's penchant for eerie pop via Satan's metallic thundercock, but there's more Syd Barrett late-night introspection than Satan-cuddling butt-wiggle here.

Soma (Relapse Records)
release date: 9/17/2013

Nowadays, it sometimes feels impossible to get some quality stoner/doom without bumping into some crushingly slow/depressive stuff on one end or some dudes on a goofy trip to '60s/'70s psychedelic goofballery on the other end. I'll take some catchy fuzz in the vein of Black Sabbath or the mighty Electric Wizard any day, and from the sound of Windhand, I'm not alone. "Orchard" is a fantastic, lurching buzz bomb from their second album, Soma.

Monster Magnet
Last Patrol (Napalm Records)
release date: 10/1/2013

Some bands are so inconsistent (Megadeth jumps to mind) that when they release a new song, it's about 50/50 whether it's gonna be a classic or a complete train wreck. Monster Magnet are much more consistent -- even if their new stuff isn't as world-beatingly awesome as the stuff from their glory days, it's guaranteed to be way more badass than most new rock 'n' roll. So it's definitely a bonus that "The Duke (Of Supernature)" is almost as awesome as their best stuff. It's riding on a mellow groove, which gives Dave room to vamp, and it sparks up fond memories of "Blow 'Em Off" and "Your Lies Become You." The Bull God is strong with this one.

True Widow
Circumambulation (Relapse Records)
release date: 7/23/2013

"Stonegaze" crew out of Dallas that mixes stoner influences with the shoegaze sound. While you might associate shoegaze with layer upon layer of guitar distortion and a general fuzz enveloping your ears, True Widow have certainly stripped down their approach for "HW:R," which is a sparse and lethargic track from Circumambulation, their debut for Relapse.

(Small Stone Recordings)
release date: 5/14/2013

Streaming all 11 songs of this New Hampshire band's self-titled debut. The talent level is high, the recording sounds great, the songs range from adequate genre-filler to pretty solid by brushing well-liked elements of both guitar rock and grunge metal, but rarely taking them anywhere mind-bogglingly new. If you were a fan of Scissorfight, where guitarist Jay Fortin and bassist Paul Jarvis sharpened their skills, these songs are a waste of their gonzo talent and locked groove ("Josey Whales" being an exception). David Nebbia has a good voice: He can hit all the notes, he has a range, he can wallow in the shallow end of Alice in Chains depths, he can belt it out like some of the better bluesy singers from the gutter glam era, but dark-underbelly glam rock and toe-testing the swirling abyss are a far cry from "wow, what a great singer!" dig?

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