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Pre-Existing Conditions (WTII Records)
release date: 9/24/2013

The new Rein[Forced] record is called Pre-Existing Conditions, but it's (frustratingly) not a scathing electro/industrial indictment of Obamacare. Not that there aren't plenty of other targets for ringleader Jimmy Semtex to spew hate towards, though, like the unnamed subject of the riotous "Nausea." The album is comprised of remixes from the band's 2012 release, X Amount of Stab Wounds in the Back, and this reworking of the song by L.A. EBM band Imperative Reaction is even more harrowing than the original.

Pillar Point
Diamond Mine (Polyvinyl Records)
release date: 9/3/2013

The music of Pillar Point most immediately recalls the happy electronic sounds of Passion Pit, who, of course, aren't necessarily happy from a lyrical perspective, but it's tough to describe the smiling sounds of tracks like "The Reeling" and "Sleepyhead" as anything but celebratory. "Diamond Mine" is along those same lines, and even if it's a little more subdued than those songs, it still seems to favor a dance party over a whiskey bottle when it comes to coping with the weight of the world.

Death of the Format (WTII Records)
release date: 6/11/2013

Long-running industrial/electro/genre-bending group out of Washington state. SMP (Sounds of Mass Production) delivers on the promise of "Metal Madness" with these five minutes of hard driving beats that layer metal aggression (and a delightfully wanky guitar solo) over a dance/industrial skeleton, along the lines of Pain or Rammstein. SMP mastermind Jason Bazinet is also the drummer for Front Line Assembly.

Essence of Mind
Indifference (Alpha Matrix)
release date: 6/17/2013

Looks to be 11 new tracks and 11 remixes here on Essence of Mind's third full-length. Norway's answer to anthemic synth pop, while there's nothing here to topple Apotygma Berzerk or Zeromancer, there are many potential single here, faves to play on dark, late night drives, or singing along cleaning your apartment. The guitar crunch isn't especially crunchy, the plodding "Retreat" and skittering "Desperate Times" falling shy of Chemlab, with a more tame howl. "Scars" gives me flashbacks of "Take on Me" or some other sugary new wave '80s hit. Linkin Park and Orgy fans will find something to like here, but Apotygma Berzerk, Mesh, Assemblage 23, and the mighty VNV Nation will still get more play on my iPod.

Siva Six
Superstition (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 5/31/2013

A 15-song EP to tide fans over until the next full-length, which'll probably have 35,000 songs on it with all the remixes this genre loves so much. The Greek Gothers nailed it with 2011's The Twin Moons, and this Superstition EP continues the distorted whispers, frantic beats, and industrial chaos. Personal faves are the more melodic dark elektro mid-tempo tracks, like "Nemesis," which builds verse after verse, adding new background textures, additional percussion, until it all crumbles to dust.

Helalyn Flowers
White Me In / Black Me Out (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 5/24/2013

It's easy to be a genre-filler band, but when talent and personality sparkle through like on these 11 songs, and all the details are addressed, a band can really shine. The metal takes a backseat to the electro throb, and for once, I'm glad. No male growling or rapping ruining the tenderness, and Nøemi Aurøra's vocals have matured from ghostly beauty to powerhouse frontwoman.

Plastic Makes Perfect (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 5/24/2013

Plastic Makes Perfect is a great album title, but Jennifer Parkin is no stranger to great looks, writing styles, titles, cover art, and, of course, songs. While not every song on her four main releases (not including the exponential effect of multiple remixes available of every song) is a gem, with such diverse and adventurous undertakings (not to mention obvious talent), Ayria has a pretty solid hit ratio. If not "hit," then "very listenable addition." With all 12 songs of Plastic Makes Perfect available for streaming, fans can pick and choose whether they like the sultry synth pop, the harder EBM, the near-rappy dancefloor faves, or the icy ballads.

The Productive Citizen (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 5/24/2013

The Belgian duo Implant have been around since the late '90s, and it shows. The 12 songs streamed raise the pulse like the cold, classic, harsh EBM of old, complete with distorted vocals, news samples, plenty of trance-inducing repetition, and harsh keyboards replacing the crunch of "metal guitars." Like Frontline Assembly. A few deep-voiced males and ice queen cameos round out the release.

Deviant UK
Very.Bad.Things (WTII Records)
release date: 4/23/2013

13 tracks and 3 remixes exclusive to this WWII release, and the download includes eight additional remixes not even listed. Whew! "Wreckhead" is essentially a party track, filled with "this is how we live, fuck you" statements and pounding beats. Soaring synths and strong anthemic melody make it a fun, active listen, and what it lacks in, er, profound observations on live, love, and our place in the universe, it compensates for in sheer, sweaty celebration.

Lovelorn Dolls
The House Of Wonders (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 3/15/2013

Debut full-length (25 tracks, including lots of remixes, on the deluxe version!) from this Belgian duo, Ladyhell and Corpus Christi. They love Evanescence, Garbage, and Lacuna Coil and it shows. Producer Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) pushes Ladyhell's vocals WAY to the front. Obnoxiously so, in fact. But seeing as the electro dirge rock background is often bland, it gives the listener something to hang onto. "Mother of the Universe" stands out because it reminds of the amazing and much missed Drain STH. Lyrical cliches abound and atmospheres often hampered by heavy-handed musicianship and questionable mixing decisions make The House Of Wonders a chore to sift through, but it's obvious there's the start of something beautiful here. A more balanced mix and less lyrics about burning in my soul and such rubbish and this band might mature into something truly remarkable.

Nachtbrenner (Alfa Matrix)
release date: 3/15/2013

Aghast View and Biopsy side project returns with a 15 track release, few new songs, bunch of reworks. EBM, pure and simple. Hard industrial dance, steering more toward melodic synths than distorted snarl, and all the better for it. "Undecided" (featuring vocals by Emélie Nicolaï of Psy'Aviah) and the gorgeous "Cold Bliss" stand out as highlights.

Mechanical Cabaret
Selective Hearing (WTII Records)
release date: 2/26/2013

13 years in, Mechanical Cabaret finally get a North American release, courtesy of the trustworthy WTII label. Selective Hearing is a greatest hits record, and therefore a great introduction. The words "dour" and "deadpan" pop up in numerous reviews, as they should. "See Her Smile" is dark underbelly examination over anthemic synths and mid-tempo pulse. No newsreel samples or manic poundings or distorted roar. A classy, heartfelt single.

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