Stoner/Hard Rock
Punk/Power Pop

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Lollipop Magazine low res PDFs

Issue 70 low res PDFs

Bands and labels have asked for PDFs, so here they are. Feel free to grab 'em (right-click, option-click, whatever), but please DO NOT link to them, link to the html files. PDFs are clunky to load in many browsers. To find your review link, use the Search function above or just email me.

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Disclaimer: Color might be off, cropping might be off, fonts might default, images might be missing, there may be typos fixed in the final edit. Want the real thing? Buy a copy.

Cover. Pages 2-3.

Pages 4-5. Pages 6-7.

Pages 8-9. Pages 10-11.

Pages 12-13. Pages 14-15.

Pages 16-17. Pages 18-19.

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