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CD Previews

CD Previews

These are not reviews, just a first impression after a quick pass through the CD, usually when determining who might review 'em.

Unless otherwise noted, all previews are by me, Scott Hefflon, your not-especially-humble Editor. I've run Lollipop for over two decades. I can write pretty good. (Sometimes I even write pretty well.) I try to be fair and supportive of up-and-comers blazing their own path through all the bandwagon-hoppers, but sometimes (uh, often) I'm mean because I think the band shoulda tried harder. If I'm mean, I usually try to at least be funny about it.

So poke around, check out previews of bands you've heard of, and bands you haven't, cuz every so often, there's a real gem in the pile. Hopefully I can save you wasting your money on over-hyped shit and steer you toward some amazing new bands.

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