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Fall 2011 CD Previews

Fall 2011 CD Previews

Active Child Acylum Aiboforcen
Angelspit As I Lay Dying Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound
Backwoods Payback Banner Pilot Behemoth
Black Tusk Cathedral Charred Walls of the Damned
Cobra Skulls Dangerous! Dead To Me
Diffuzion Edguy Freedom Hawk
Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned HateSphere Iced Earth
Korn Krisiun Lowe
Machine Head Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Megadeth
Neikka RPM New Found Glory Noctem
Old Man Markley Psy'aviah SITD
Skinny Puppy Star Fucking Hipsters The Gaslight Anthem
The Parlor Mob Thrice Tony Sly
Warbringer We Are The Ocean Whitechapel

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