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Winter 2007 CD Previews

Winter 2007 CD Previews

Abigail Williams Agressor Alesana
Anagram Architect Azrael
Bloc Party Cassius Chapstik
Cheeseburger Classic Case Clouds
Coldworker Conquest of Steel Dawn of Man
Destruction Die! Die! Die! Dominci
Eb11 Ektomorf Evanescence
Ferocious Eagle Funeral Dress Health
Horna Jeff Caudill and Drive Til Morning Kaddisfly
KEG Laethora Lifetime
Lodown Logjam Lord 13
Lordi Love Me Destroyer Lovedrug
Maaster Gaiden Makeoutmusic Mendeed
MGH Million Dollar Marxists Mr.Gnome
My Sleeping Karma Nahemah One-900
Only Crime P*ss Sh*t F*ck Phantom Rockers
Phased Priestbird Rotting Christ
Sasquatch Since The Flood Sirenia
Solefald The County Medical Examiners The Dark Romantics
The Elastik Band The Fades The Handshake Murders
The Irish Brothers The Love Me Nots The Network
The Queers The Shins The Showdown
The Tiny The Vein Therion
This Ending This Moment Titar
Trap Them Tricky Bizzniss Willowz
Youth Group Zozobra

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