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2005 Spring CD previews

2005 Spring CD previews

33HZ 400 Blows A Day To Remember
A Life Once Lost Adam Richman Agents of Man
Allhelluja American Minor Applied Communications
Attack Haus B.C. Camplight Bane
Bang Bang Bedouin Soundclash Bent Left
Benzos Bleed The Dream Bleed the Sky
Blue Monday Boys Night Out Bucket Full of Teeth
Bury Your Dead Buzzov*en Champion
Channing Cope Cheeseburger Clit 45
Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits Corrosion Of Conformity Cranked Up
Cut City Cyber-Jack Darkbuster
Day at the Fair De Novo Dahl Deadlock
Dear Leader Demons & Wizards Devildriver
Dirty Americans Dirty Children Disengage
DJ Methodikal Dressy Bessy El Toro
Electra-Kill Electric Eel Shock Electric Frankenstein
Embrace the End Embraze Emily Grogan
Erotic Eyes Like Knives Fall Out Boy
Flight of the Jesus Dog Gemini 5 Geography
Giles Ginster Gito Gito
God Or Julie Gods Gomez
Goon Moon Gravy Train!!! Grey Goose
Hate Eternal Hatesphere Heavy Trash
Howling Diablos Ichabod Infidel?/Castro!
Innaway Interfuse Jamison Parker
Johnnie 3 Judas Priest Judge
Kayser Life of Agony Mahi Mahi
Manda and the Marbles Mantis Mercury Switch
Metalium Mistress Mobius Band
Muller and Patton No Address No Wait Wait
Nocturne Novakill Novillero
NRA On A Pale Horse On Broken Wings
One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard Opiate For The Masses Orange Park
Over Mars Pela Pistola
Please Mr. Gravedigger Post Stardom Depression Princess
Quell R-H Revue Noir
Richard Cheese Rosemary's Babies Russel Allen
Sam Champion Seether Shelby
Shortie Shout Out Louds Signs of Collapse
Skullflower Some Girls Stamen and Pistils
Superkollider Swarm of the Lotus T.Raumschmiere
Terror The Alter Boys The Casualties
The Dan Band The Deadly The Duke
The End of the World The Escaped The Esoteric
The Fugue The Giraffes The Holy Fire
The Juan Maclean This Microwave World The Old Haunts
The Phantom Limbs The Quireboys The Ravonettes
The Stoneage Hearts The Templars The Spinto Band
The Van Ermans The Yellow Belts Thee Merry Widows
Theta Thor Torche
Troubled Hubble Venerea Valery Gore
VCR Whiskey Rebels Youth Group

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