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Scott Hefflon
If you're a writer or advertiser or model or photographer, I can either help you or redirect you. (Ahem, "GO AWAY" often qualifies as a redirect. This is a rock mag, not a support group, and unless you're buying something, I don't owe you shit.)

Mike Delano
(Reviews Editor)
Want your band, book, game, DVD, or cool product featured amongst the seedy source code of While the Editor has the last 200 words (most of them fuck), I will gladly hear your request when not suffering from Björk & Ninja Gaiden-induced synesthesia. Or staring off to the left at some really interesting stuff that got cropped out of the picture.

If you want to send something for review, email a link to and, or add us to your Haulix account. That's the easiest and most common way these days.

Join our street teams! Get free CDs, DVDs, tee shirts, and other cool stuff for passing out or dropping off postcards, or do "web research" for us (finding band urls and email addresses and myspace pages).

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