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Lollipop Magazine is being rebuild at is no longer updated, but the archive content will remain until 2018 (more or less). Check out our new site!

Lollipop Banners

Lollipop Banners

Lollipop Banners
We have created a selection of ad banners in standard sizes for you to use to link to Lollipop. If you need a non-standard banner size, let us know.

Icons, Buttons, and Gasoline-Powered Turtleneck Sweaters
(click any image. There's a whole page, with many more on the way!)

Feature Banners
These are banners for artists featured in Lollipop. So if you are from the label, band, or just a fan, feel free to use the banners provided to link to your band's feature.

Model Banners
To honor our Lollipop Tee Shirt Models, we're now creating banners to promote their sets. Post them in your favorite chats, email them to your friends, show people you know where REAL hotties show their appreciation of underground music and the lifestyle (and a bit of tasty skin, too). No fakes, no posers, only real underground music fans who take good care of their bodies, have their own style, and don't buy into the P.C. bullshit that posing sexily makes them slutty or ditzy or anything other than bold, courageous, sexy women.

Model Gallery

Band Gallery


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