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Madelin Zero | Dirty Purple | review | electro | Lollipop

Madelin Zero

Dirty Purple (Indecent Media)
by Wa

Madelin Zero is an effervescent spirit whose album Dirty Purple is infused with a zest, if not an effusive love for life. This quality is most clear when she offers cautious warnings about the complications of love, lust, and dreams. No matter how serious the intent of the lyric, she still comes off as a cheerful pixie with an anachronistic and bittersweet pop album.

Dirty Purple is comprised of sugary sweet Euro and synth-pop themes that were created with the superb electro direction of notable producers Bill Hamel (BT), ATB, Tonetrager, Frank Knebel (Bassbumpers, Voodoo, and Serano), and Black Moustache. After seeing so many creative hands at work on this album, it's simply amazing that their contributions served to make Dirty Purple sound concise and singular from beginning to end.

Zero's voice is a blend that includes the coyness of early Madonna, the sultriness of Deborah Harry, the eagerness of Toni Basil, and that never-say-die attitude of The Go-Go's. Simply put, if you enjoy Frou Frou, Miss Kittin, or Goldfrapp, then Madelin Zero is for you.

By avoiding the EBM dance standard, Madelin Zero and her crew of producers have done an admirable job of continuing to surprise us with songs that form clearly defined individual personalities, and as such, escape the banality of becoming just another cog in the dance machine. All this and the album is still suited for inclusion in a club or rave DJ's playlist.


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