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Lollipop Magazine is being rebuild at is no longer updated, but the archive content will remain until 2018 (more or less). Check out our new site!

Deadlines & Specs

Deadlines & Specs

Lollipop Magazine is an online music and entertainment magazine.
No more print issues.

Please pitch prior to sending any files or payment. Everything is payment upfront. Mail a check for the cost of a stamp, or get down with your digital self on our payments page.

Invoices (with specs and such) are emailed as jpgs or pdfs when confirmed.

Banners. Yup, we got 'em. Want 'em? We have two easy ways to buy 'em.

Campaigns by Adview
$100 = 20,000+ views ($5 CPM)
$200 = 50,000+ views ($4 CPM)
$300 = 75,000+ views ($4 CPM)
$400 = 100,000+ views ($4 CPM)
$500 = 125,000+ views ($4 CPM)
$600-$1000 = $3 CPM or $2 CPM - get in touch and we'll work it out
(CPM = cost per thousand)

Campaigns by Month
Presence = $25 a month (minimum 2 months) = 150-300 views daily
Priority = $50 a month = 350-500 views daily
Super Sucker Deal = $100 for 6 months of Presence (that's buy 4 months, get 2 FREE)
(Views vary greatly based on other campaigns running. Big campaigns for big bucks get priority, smaller campaigns fill in around the bricks like mortar, dig?)

Banner sizes
We have a few sizes available, all nice'n'standard. If needed, we can have a banner designed for you for $25-$50, depending on your files and needs.
468x60: Top and bottom zones, this is the most common size.
728x90: Leaderboard. That's the big bitch at the bottom of all the pages.
160x600: Skyscraper. Left side of the page, lots of space, great for certain designs.
125x125 CD: CDs, remember those? I do. Two zones stacked on the right. Not a lot of bands do this size, so you can get a lot more views for the same bucks. Then again, perhaps there's a reason not a lot of bands do this size, savvy?

All campaigns (except Presence banners) may receive stat reports: Weekly, monthly, or simply at the end of the campaign showing the total views and click-throughs. Just ask.

Pitch whatcha wanna do. I can offer ideas or simply set ya up. Up to you. Our payments page is a little vague, so make sure to email start and end dates, url to link to, and "alt text" (the slogan ya see when you mouse over the banner).



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