PO Box 4032, Attleboro, MA 02703

by Jamie Kiffel

As far as car bombs, street fighting, and creatively cheating the U.S. government go, Abbie Hoffman's authoritative guides to pig-hunting are far more educational than this jigsaw slap-tape-and-staple leaflet aims to be. However,Softkill has one wiry leg up on Hoffman, and that is its techno-nerd empowering arsenal of internet and e-mail attacks. For those who already know how to snarl commercial circuits into knotty, smouldering gigabytes of electronic misery, this zine may succeed only in showcasing the paranoiac minds that breed such synthetic plagues. The publication spends half its unpunctuated space rallying for help in destroying industrial society "before the 2010 deadline" while shaking out an aimless smattering of top-secret grab bag items, such as the schematic for a Model 70 parking meter housing, and the phone numbers for several payphones throughout Attleboro, MA. While this possibly detracts from its self-proclaimed necessity as a manifesto, it adds to Softkill's credibility as a collection of mad, deconstructionist weapons delivered straight from the psyberchotic source. For anyone who has ever wanted to compete with those sniggering, goggle-eyed compubug-breeders,Softkill will wrap you in reams of hard disk detriments malicious enough to cause any power PC to revert to Logo.