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Asciento "Look Man No Hands"
Entwine "Nothing Left to Say"
Moon Theory "Insomnia"
Rain Fell Within "In the Knowing of You"
VCR " A Song for Paul Lemos"

Against Tomorrow's Sky "Poison Tester"
Aloha "Protest Song"
Conduction "Perfect Attempt"
Drag the River "Embrace The Sound"
El Gato "Pianos on Crutches"
From Safety to Where "Only Now"
Hey Mercedes "Every Turn"
Hot Rod Circuit "The Pharmacist"
Rescue "You Should Go Into Politics"
Someday I "Live Through This Record"
Sunday's Best "The Salt Mines of Santa Monica"
The Get Up Kids "Overdue"
The Great Northern "Rocket Fight"
Victim of Modern Age "Instruct To Destruct"

Beyond the Embrace "Bastard Screams"
Brand New Sin "SPP"
Dead to Fall "Eternal Gates of Hell"
Debris "Thru This"
Go For The Throat "Middle Management"
Orange Goblin "Whiskey Leech"
Overkill "Shred"
Speedealer "Leave Me Alone"
The Postman Syndrome "Rotating Crib Toy"
Toxic Narcotic "Asshole"
Tzefa "Time Bomb"

The Ataris "Make It Last"
The Vandals "My Girlfriend's Dead"
Armstrong "Sink or Swim"
Dwarves "Dominator"
Eyelash "The Cover-Up"
Fireking "Come and Go"
Flash Bastard "Bleed on the Beat"
Justin Sane "For Pat"
Manalive! "Heart, Hands and Mind"
mi6 "Jeff Brown"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Mr. Moran"
Ozma "No One Needs to Know"
Sugarcult "Pretty Girl (The Way)"
Ten Foot Pole "Armchair Quaterback"
The Cells "Silver Cloud"
The Code "Brian's Song"
The Kings of Nuthin' "Shit Out of Luck"
The Means "Primitive"
The Spitfires "Headcase"
The Vandals "43210-1"
Travoltas "One for the Road"
Tsunami Bomb "El Diablo"
Voodoo Glow Skulls "Steady as She Goes"
Wednesday Night Heroes "Don't Tread on Me"
Wretch Like Me "Saying Sorry To A Tombstone"

Abdullah "A Dark But Shining Sun"
Below The Sound "Fever Pitch"
Bottom "Got Meth"
Give "Speeding Bullet"
Hermano "Landetta (Motherload)"
Ironboss "Hell Ride"
LA Guns "OK, Let's Roll"
Lamont "Hellhound"
Season to Risk "Ace of Space"
Sixty Watt Shaman "Our Name is War"
Spickle "Spore Addict"
Spiritu "Clean Livin'"
The Mushroom River Band "Simsalabim"
Totimoshi "Cellophane"
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