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Welcome to Lollipop Magazine's
Issue 59 mp3 Compilation CD!

On this CD, you’ll find 70 tracks sorted by genre and listed alphabetically for easy navigation.

Each band has a brief bio, a photo, a small scan of their latest CD cover, and web links to band and/or their label’s site(s). Well, and an mp3, of course.

To use this CD, select the genre in the drop menu on the left, and that will show the list of band to chose from in the drop menu on the right. Select the band you’re interested in and hit GO. Or just use the site map.

For your convenience, there is an installer of RealPlayer on this CD, so if you don’t already have an mp3 player, well, you do now!

To have your band considered for the next mp3 CD (these suckers come with each quarterly issue!), check out for more details

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