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Season To Risk

Season To Risk formed in 1989 and have been putting out records and touring ever since. They have endured line-up changes, wrecked tour vehicles, floods, major labels, and evictions, but they have never been deterred from their self-imposed mission of putting out music and taking it to the people. They are critically hailed, along with The Jesus Lizard, as being the band that wrote the book on noise rock. Their newest full-length, The Shattering&Mac226; continues, as did their three previous releases, to push the sound envelope to extremes.

mp3 Track: "Ace of Space"

Essential Info

Latest Release:
The Shattering
(Owned & Operated )

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c Recorded at the Blasting Room, Ft Collins, CO (Nov/Dec 2000).
Engineered by: Jason Livermore
Produced by: Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore & Season To Risk
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