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The Crüxshadows

While Florida-based band The Crüxshadows hardly qualify as Connecticut Yankees, they were certainly aware of their status as curiosities in the courts of this summer's European music festival circuit. "They looked at us kind of like the Beverly Hillbillies," commented the band's vocalist, who goes by the name Rogue. "I think as the only American band on the whole festival bill, there was definitely some skepticism about us."

A building wave of European interest in the band culminated in appearances at two high-profile European festivals: Zillo Magazine's Zillo festival in Germany, and Pepsi's Eurorock festival in Belgium. A tour of clubs and smaller festivals accompanied each outing, with the band hitting Germany, Norway and the Netherlands after Zillo, and England, Ireland, and more German dates after Eurorock.

Despite being newcomers to Europe, the band insists that everyone treated them well. "The technical staff were very nice to us, especially," says violinist Rachel McDonnell. "I think they were sympathetic because we had this heavy power converter to lug around with us, and on our first club date in Germany, it was wired incorrectly and fried our power distributor. We almost lost everything, but thankfully it was a near miss."

If anything, the fans seemed even more open to the sole American performers. "People seemed to appreciate the fact that we came all the way across the ocean to play for them," suggests Chris Brantley, the band's lead keyboardist. "After the Zillo show, the crowd kept chanting "USA, USA" until we came back for an encore. That felt great." Following each of the band's shows, European internet groups were flooded with gushing emails from newly-won fans who wanted to know more about the band.

The band returns from their final jaunt in Europe this summer on August 20th, and the following day immediately embarks on a full US tour that will keep them on the road into November.

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