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Lollipop Magazine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Lollipop Magazine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Lollipop is celebrating their 10th year of cutting-edge music journalism with a special anniversary issue, issue #62, the June/July 2003 issue, coming out in late June. Boston-based Lollipop skates the dangerous line between underground music criticism and pop culture stone-throwing. Each issue features reviews of over two hundred releases representing a wide spectrum of music, including all sub-genres of rock, punk, hardcore, metal, electronic, industrial, and Goth, as well as DVDs, comics, movies, books, 'zines, fiction, and essays. Interviewing bands as well as film directors, TV personalities, altporn pioneers, and various media-mainlining hotshots, Lollipop has, for ten years, been a source of information and sharp-tongued entertainment for those wanting to know what's about to break into the mainstream or blow up huge in the ever-volatile underground.

Lollipop has gained a devoted following since its inception in June of 1993, and has grown from a free, regional newsprint rag to a full-glossy national magazine on the newsstand. The magazine has printed an astounding array of interviews over the years (see a partial list of interviews on reverse). Says founder and notorious Boston bad boy Scott Hefflon, "We've gotten some great stories over the years because we're all die-hard music fans - lifers, you might say - and we can spot a band who's paid their dues and is about to make the leap to the mainstream. We aren't afraid to ask specific, personal questions, but we're trusted by the bands cuz we don't roast 'em or quote 'em out of context to prove how cool we are. We don't fawn, but some of these bands have been inspirational to us during tough times in our lives, so it's a pleasure to get to know them personally and find out what makes them tick as individuals."

Lollipop also invented an innovative mp3 CD - the first one like it in the world - complete with photos, bios, CD covers, and website links, available free with each issue. (See attached page for band listings and covers for each of the seven mp3 CDs.)

The magazine is constantly evolving and outdoing itself while maintaining it's dedication to rock'n'roll culture. Since the beginning, Lollipop has had a color cover, often featuring original illustrations by famous underground artists, many of whom were interviewed in the respective issues. Iron Maiden cover artist Derek Riggs (his first ever magazine cover and interview), the legendary Frank Kozik, Transmetropolitan comic artist Darick Robertson, and Skot Olsen are but a few of the artists Lollipop has teamed up with.

In a magazine that openly states "featuring CD reviews which are often more interesting than the CDs themselves," it's no wonder Lollipop attracts the sharpest tongues (if not wits), some of the most well-versed music writers in the country. Some have written books on music, some contribute to other magazines, all are quoted in press kits and on band sites, and rumors of free drinks, getting jumped in the parking lot, and "other ways of saying thanks" have been reported.

Lollipop also has a rock'n'roll anniversary show/party planned for July 5th at T.T. The Bear's Nightclub in Cambridge, MA. Perhaps more a studded-belt bash than a star-studded gala, but Lollipop wouldn't have it any other way. Check for details.


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