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Double Diggits (Fat Wreck Chords)
release date: 7/23/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Double Diggits combines Chixdiggit's second and third albums (after a first, short-lived experience on Sub Pop). 1998's Born on the First of July and 2000's From Scene to Shining Scene (released on Honest Don's, a cool-ass subsidiary of Fat), plus eight bonus tracks. "Chupacabras/Thursday Night" is a fine two-fer from this Calgary, Alberta band (that's in Canada, eh?), showing their peppy punkpop chops. They had some great artwork, fun songs (about girls, usually), and while not a fave of mine, Kepi Ghoulie of Groovie Ghoulies was in the band for a while, and if that doesn't spark interest ("hmmm, simple and probably repetitive yet absolutely infectious Ramonesy punkpop?"), seriously, where've you been?

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.



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