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War of Will (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 7/9/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Thrash metal, pure and simple. Opener "Force Fed Lies" wastes no time ripping your face off with polka beats and riffs in thirds (Slayer, Dark Angel, everyone since). There are breakdowns and deeper demon growls to stress whateverthefuckhe'ssinging, and the mosh pit swirl part comes 'round again. A nice update (for someone who's been into thrash since Kreator and Exodus in the late '80s, thanks) are a "check this rock'n'roll wiggle" in the solo, and the part of the chorus that's holds the chords all long and dramatic, perhaps giving the guitarist the opportunity to point at things during the live show. Children of Bodom have been doing that effectively for years, so while now-standardized, it's often a great dynamic to toss into every few songs. And while the snakespit thrash vocals aren't redefining metal singing as we know it, Kyle Gunther has a few favorite tried and true vocals styles to keep it moving right along.

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