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Curiosity (Polyvinyl Records)
release date: 5/14/2013
by Scott Hefflon

Almost passed on this one, because "Spirit Forest," the first song I heard, is by far the worst. Terrible. It's the kind of song unsigned opening bands play, and you fight every impulse to storm out, cuz NO headliner is worth enduring such derivative tinkerings, such lame production, such unsure vocals. But "The Hearse" dances its way into your heart. Bass-heavy and poppy, with surer vocals, and head-bobbing infection. And "Orchard" is breathy cool, the foundation being similar to lots of indie rock (much of it likeable), but more distant and dreamy, less deliberately coy, darling, and, ya know, oh-so-indie. And "Giants" wahs-washes a 50s' style Cure ditty you never knew you silently longed for. Overall, a swirly, far-away sounding release filled with poppy beats with simple melodies, an intriguing mix to say the least.

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