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Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell

Don't Fear It... Hear It! (Metal Blade Records)
release date: 8/28/2012
by Scott Hefflon

Gruff and heavy, this UK trio doesn't just talk the talk, they rock the rock. LOTS of bands, stoner/psych and Sabbath-obsessed metal alike, poke around the safe, popular edges of '70s rock, write some nod-worthy riffs, singers howl and wail, drums pound, and we all say "cool." The Shovell, as their fans call them, go all gonzo on your ass, rampaging and pounding, changing it up, dragging your mind to fuzzy favorites buried deep on albums you long ago starting listening to only the "best of." With classic Nuge swagger, Blue Cheer might, about three of six minutes into "iDeath," you just kinda stare dumbly at your speakers as they phase the big bull plod into plow you the fuck over yahoo. Masterful.

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