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Larman Clamor

Larman Clamor

Frogs (Small Stone Recordings)
release date: 10/9/2012
by Scott Hefflon

Nine of 11 songs of swamp boogie, courtesy of German cover artist Alexander Von Wieding, who's done artwork for Monster Magnet, Karma to Burn, and a bunch of Small Stone's line-up. A one-man band, Von Wieding proves himself an accomplished yet filthy guitarist, sliding muck along those six strings, while gravelly whispering fierceness that'd give Tom Waits pause. From instrumental drone/groove (washboard and rattlesnake hiss included) to lo-fi Bob Log III thumpa-yahoo blues, while Larman Clamor has the radio (even classic-rock radio) potential of Zeppelin fart outtakes, anyone into ZZ Top's non-glam boogie, Waits' less Hallelujah output, and perhaps Down's less metal psych seethings will find something to black out on the porch rocker to.

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