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Best Reached Horizons (SPV Music)
release date: 10/30/12
by Mike Delano

The irony-free pomp and oftentimes ponderous nature of most symphonic/prog/power metal usually conspires to give me a limp noodle right quick, but I've gotta hand it to Angra. Kicking off a metal album, no matter the subgenre, with a cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" just takes colossal balls. Like too many metal covers, they don't do anything interesting with their version of the song, but it's the "we don't give a fuck" attitude that I like. Best Reached Horizons, a generous 20-track best-of compilation from this long-running Brazilian metal crew, doesn't offer many surprises beyond that opening track, but it does have enough grandiose theatricality to make DragonForce sound like a garage band. Check out "Arising Thunder" for a good idea of their Maiden-meets-Dream Theater sound.

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