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H E Miller | Apocalyptic Dreams | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

H.E. Miller

Apocalyptic Dreams
by Scott Hefflon

Unsigned solo CDs are usually coasters in a jewel case I'm glad to reuse, but this H.E. Miller guy has an interesting, classic rock voice (like T. Rex or thicker Hellacopters, very everyman-sounding), and plays a good noisy rock guitar. He seems to be a good lyricist, and when he's cheesy or bad, it's bad in a good way, like some cornball Cheap Trick turn of phrase, or, like, The Knack. This guy wrote and produced the thing, plus performed all instruments and sang it all. Which is usually a sign that no one else'd join the band or help out, but this is a rare case of the guy actually being multi-talented and doing it himself, and looking for band members once he had something to play for 'em. "The Human Race" is a good example of this terribly-titled release, and it's gonna be the theme song to something soon, you can tell. From NYC, got a good backbeat, lyrics that ring true in these unsure times, and a guitar that struts, swaggers, and slithers like classic rock tunes you know by heart.

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