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Rimfrost | Veraldar Nagli | review | metal | Lollipop


Veraldar Nagli (Season of Mist)
by Scott Hefflon

Double-bass rolling thunder, flutter-picking mixed with arctic thrash, with anthemic Nordic roar, snakespit, and blackened yowl slathered generously atop this cake of mayhem. It's the nimble-fingered thrash attack that separates this from the glut of evilly-likable black metal releases these last 15 years. There are grooves here, still dirty and vile, but memorable. And diverse. (Yeah, I know, black metal isn't supposed to be diverse.) A real journey through finely-described scenery when this CD is played end to end. Few dull spots, very little filler, for a sophomore debut, this band has the details nailed.

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