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Outbreak | review | hardcore | punk | Lollipop


(Think Fast)
by Scott Hefflon

I haven't liked a new hardcore band in years, but I like this one. They're from Maine, of all places. Singer (and label owner) Ryan O'Connor has a great, distinctive voice, a certain way of enunciating, which really goes a long way. Like Agnostic Front, The Toy Dolls, Propagandhi, and other signature snarls, Ryan's got a way of spitting out the vocals that's more punk than metal, and very much his own. Usually, "that hardcore bark" is too metal grunt for my taste. Sounds like a dumb, fat guy struggling to shit. Not the voice of a generation, filled with anger, well-researched complaints of our culture and the world at large, spouting options and ideas on how we can make this world a less shitty place to live, ya know? To further solidify Outbreak's strength, the bassist is bad ass like hardcore bands of old, back when they often had bass breakdowns to let the fucker lead the pit, not just hang back and let the guitar grind and vocal roar do all the heavy lifting. The drummer is a madman, as any good metal or hardcore drummer best be. And the guitarist? Well, he's full-on hardcore punk, not a metal dick who can't solo so he plays hardcore cuz it's easier. This guy thrashes and grinds, really let's it rip. A 15-song self-titled full-length that's over too soon, which is a real rarity.

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