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Warbringer | War Without End | review | metal | Lollipop


War Without End (Century Media)
by Scott Hefflon

Kinda funny... Having "grown up" in the original thrash/speedmetal days, this revival thing always rehashes, like, the good stuff from that era. On their debut, Warbringer break that mold by reminding us all that lots of thrash bands sucked and were soon forgotten. They released mediocre records that adhered to every rule of the genre, but never made their mark, and soon gave up the dream and let better bands be the names we now know and namecheck. Warbringer can play the hell out of their instruments, sure, and the singer is gruff, not pretty. And the shouting choruses? Check that off too. But the sound is dry, not monster (by Bill Metoyer of Slayer, Sacred Reich, Dark Angel, and D.R.I. fame, plus plenty of no-name bands both decent and shitty cuz as a producer, a guy's got to eat, ya know?), so perhaps this might appeal to fans of the new underground thrash revival who wanna keep it pure, not all slick and speedy and crisply produced.

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