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Hot Sumerian Nights (Underdogma)
by Scott Hefflon

Aside from Scissorfight releases I'll always check out, Underdogma has been pretty quiet these last few years. Hot Sumerian Nights is a motherfucker of a record, and a solid "we're back, so hide your daughters and your beer, fucknuts" from the label. Crom was Conan's god, who was cold and unforgiving, leaving man to fend for himself in a cruel world. Conan had a big sword, and Crom, the band, has big grooves, lots of distortion, and screams and demon bellows from here 'til doomsday. They have a thing for '70s rock and seething hatred (Steely Dan and EyeHateGod, for example), and the mile-wide stoner groove and blackened hardcore roar confuse matters that much more. A great album to annoy your roommates, or to get ass-raped by Conan on a beer'n'meth bender.

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