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Sister Sin | Switchblade Serenades | review | sleaze | rock | Lollipop

Sister Sin

Switchblade Serenades (Victory Metal)
by Scott Hefflon

Just a three-song teaser from the upcoming album. "Switchblade Serenades" is a Spread Eagle song, by the way, and that's a kind reference to this band. They're sleaze rock, from Gothenburg, but last time I checked the calendar, it said 2008. Not that I don't love sleaze rock (the dark underbelly of late-80s/early '90s glam. Still glam, yeah, but with less hairspray, more fights, and just as much fuckin', buddy, don't ever kid yourself to that. We loved Pantera and Ramones too, we just had long hair, torn jeans, and looked bad-ass in snakeskin boots and your girlfriend's mouth on our cocks.), and Sister Sin do it pretty authentically. If you liked Too Fast for Love (and Dr. Feelgood was pretty great too, be honest) over, like, Poison, and always kinda doubted how "hardcore" Skid Row ever really was, this here's the best yer gonna get these days. There're A LOT of great rock bands in and around Sweden (Backyard Babies, Gluecifer, The Bones: Really, how long a list ya want?), but Sister Sin has an edge I find familiar. Lullacry fans take note.

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.


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