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Metal Church | This Present Wasteland | review | metal | Lollipop

Metal Church

This Present Wasteland (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

By now, you don't expect much from Metal Church, right? Good, cuz ya don't get much. I was a fan of the self-titled (still have the tee, though it's as thin as tissue paper now), loved The Dark ("Ton of Bricks" is still one of the best metal songs written, up there with Priest and Sabbath tunes held so dear), and even got the first with that new lead singer (since replaced at least once), even though I can't remember a chorus, riff, or song title anymore. By this point, this is just sad. I'm not sure if the warble is heavy metal or old lady in church, the production is lifeless, and the tunes are also-rans from the old days. When there are hungry, talented, fresh-scrubbed metal bands touring madly for your attention, geez, when are ya gonna put these old guys out to pasture already?

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