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Bug Nasties | Which Way You Wanna Go | review | garage | rock | Lollipop

The Bug Nasties

Which Way You Wanna Go? (Flotation)
by Scott Hefflon

While it won't redefine anything, this spastic sucker's got the passion and the talent to win you over. The blurb sez "60s Mod R&B geared to shake your money maker hosted by ex-Catbutt/Sinister Six guitarist Brother James!" Brother James has charisma and soul, Catbutt was on SubPop, Sinister Six was on Get Hip, and this frenzied band has shared the stage with Andre Williams, The Flash Express, The Chelsea Smiles, The Morlocks, The Flakes, Thee Emergency, Thee Shams, and Gas Huffer. And probably lots of other "the" and "thee" bands, not to mention go-go girls. A sincere love of garage rock and getting the crowd dancing is obvious here.

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.


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