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The Action Design

Never Say (Pop Smear)
by Scott Hefflon

From the ashes of Tsunami Bomb (who I reviewed when they were on Tomato Head, and then when they got picked up by Kung Fu, both labels now toast, cuz that's the state of the music biz), perky singer Emily Whitehurst and bassist Matt Mckenzie found new players, and followed a different musical muse to form The Action Design. The bio claims "edgy, yet clean and sophisticated, indie rock well-suited for any dance party." That's close enough to quote. Emily is, and has always been, a strong singer. And putting her vocals over indie pop instead of punk pop simply makes that more obvious. A delicate whisper like "Could, Not Should" would never've been possible in a pop punk band, yet its Bangles-harmonied caress is something Emily surely needed to explore. Obvious hit singles are the powerhouse "Landmines" (your days are numbered, Pink) and the infectious singalong, "Ten Feet of Snow."

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.


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