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The Showdown

Temptation Come My Way (Mono vs Stereo)
by Scott Hefflon

Song two rips Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" before launching into "active rock" manly chorus. Uh, and every song seems to rip some '80 hair metal riff and milk it just a little more. While I respect these Tennessee boyz decision to try to make rock a big more bad boy, cuz eyeliner "metal" guys whining about break-ups is really over, man. Sure beats Hinder with a stick, and how those morons ever got big is beyond all of us. Maybe middle America will relate to something this honest (and openly rockstar), but I'll take Finland's Lordi over this in a heartbeat. They dress like Gwar, write better songs and layer 'em deep, and as long as yer listening to stupid lyrics, ya might as well laugh with them, not cringe at them. But these guys could grow on ya, if yer a fan of Beautiful Creatures and Buckcherry and all the post-Stone Temple Pilots rock. It's new glam rock, and it's all a little too familiar, but it's got the big groove and swagger, if that's all yer after in your rock'n'roll.

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