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Only Crime | Virulence | review | punk | Lollipop

Only Crime

Virulence (Fat)
by Scott Hefflon

All ya gotta do is hear who's in the band (if ya missed 2005's To the Nines) and yer sold: Russ from Good Riddance sings, Aaron from Bane plays guitar, as does Zach from Hagfish, Doni from Hagfish plays bass, and Bill Stevenson from Descendents/All plays drums, and probably has a hand in the Blasting Room production. The whole band is credited with production, and seeing as they're all vets, they all surely know their way around a studio. 12 tracks of melodic punk goodness, with all the pop and singalongs you'd expect from these guys, plus the melodic gooses they routinely toss in to keep it fresh for themselves as well as you. And, of course, there's also some hard-edge rampage going on at times. Remember, Aaron was in Converge, Zach was in Gwar, and Bill was briefly in Black Flag, I seem to recall. This side project effortlessly kicks most punk bands to the curb without even breaking a sweat.

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