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Lord 13 | review | stoner| rock | Lollipop

Lord 13

by Scott Hefflon

Debut from this Greek stoner rock band. Mid-tempo roll, like Sabbath's "Children of the Grave," which "Fillin' the Feeling" lifts. While everyone references Sabbath at times like this, the fuzz and style (and interludes) speak of heavy Sabbath worship. The more "party on, Wayne" tunes pull in Fu Manchu lilt and woodblock/cowbell, but it's not sunny California dreaming, it's still kinda dark and fuzzy and hungover.

Get these guys on the mp3 CD and see where they go with it, cuz the bio mentioned already being in the studio recording the follow-up to this self-titled slab.

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.


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