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Method of Destruction

Red, White and Screwed (Index)
by Scott Hefflon

M.O.D. without the humor is as monotone/hardcore as Pro-Pain, which is to say boring and unbearable. Tight playing, sure, but any metal band worth their spiked armbands is these days. The mighty Billy Milano sounds like he needs to shit, which is what hardcore, at its worse, sounds like to most metalheads. Every metal fan should own the first (and only necessary) S.O.D. album, Speak English or Die, and, for a good laugh, the first M.O.D. album, U.S.A. for M.O.D., which has songs like "Spandex Enormity" and "Bubble Butt" and a few others that S.O.D. probably just never got to. Surfing M.O.D. is swell too, but if ya gotta get only one, get the debut. The only song worth listening to here is "G.L.E.T. (Greatest Lie Ever Told)" cuz it's a sweet swipe at how silly Merciful Fate/King Diamond is. Well-played, laughably evil falsetto, and face-painted metal to the core.

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