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Summon In Thunder (Century Media)
by Scott Hefflon

They started out hardcore on Revelation, went death metal on Prosthetic, and are now a might metal roar-machine on Century Media. Having not followed the band, they simply sounds like a few hundred other metal bands out there, some of which rub my metal belly just right and I'll throw anyone who disagrees with me on how much they rule out of a window, and some of which I think are ignorable also-rans fans can gush on and on about, I simply don't hear it and really don't give a shit. Himsa, sure, they're heavy and dense and smart enough to break up the umpa-umpa with some nice fills and breakdowns. The CD production sure sounds great: Music by Steve Carter (who did the band's last one), vocals by the ever-amazing Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, side projects, and producer to plenty of bands who ended up with their best-sounding CD ever), mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted).

So yeah, if yer already a fan, this one'll drop your jaw. If you like metalcore that grew up, studied Swedish melodic death metal hard, and have the bucks to hire great producers, this is your thing.

This is not a review, really, just a lil preview blurb. See more previews here.


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