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In This Moment | Beautiful Tragedy | review | metal | Lollipop

In This Moment

Beautiful Tragedy (Century Media)
by Scott Hefflon

Nope, just don't get the appeal of this band. Maybe they rule live, or the singer wears short skirts without panties or something (talentless Courtney got away with that for years), but In This Moment is less interesting that Otep, which is to say, they're awful. If you disagree, check out "classics" like Drain S.T.H. (for glorious, layered female harmonies) and Crisis (for banshee wail). Then stick your head back in the sand, because pop culture has and will continue to lie to you. LOTS of new bands suck, and that's ok. Give them props for a good start, but never mistake them for bands worth actually listening to. For now. Prove me wrong, please. We'd all be glad to have some great female-fronted bands to carry the torch, but Drain S.T.H. and Crisis were solid, and these guys/girl might've won some high school battle of the band thing somewhere, but really, we demand more of our forerunners than that, yeah? YEAH!?!

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