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Bull Lee | 377 77n8 | review | punk | Lollipop

Bull Lee

377 77n8
by Scott Hefflon

Dirty L.A. punk rock that grows on you the more you drink. No glossy production here, it's all boobs and sweaty balls, ya know? Uh, I mean the singer is a hot chick who'll kick your ass, just cuz, and the sleaze punk is ground out by guys sweating their balls off. Best tunes are the bottle-throwing party tunes, and the worst are the tough-life ballads when she tries to sing. Which she can't. At all. But if she let loose - which she doesn't, she may growl and snarl, but she doesn't scream and howl like a banshee - she might fill the gap left by The Distillers and Hole cuz they grew up and started writing more sophisticated rock songs. Which might also called laming out, but they've earned that right, ya know?

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