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Violent Entity | Mechanized Division | review | electro | Lollipop

Violent Entity

Mechanized Division (Black Rain)
by DJ Carrion

For those unfamiliar with Violent Entity, you may've caught a glimpse of the brains behind the act, Damien Drullinger, in action as a guest musician on the Terrorfakt vs. Manufactura North American tour in 2004. If you know those bands, you know whoever shares a stage with Terrorfakt has to put out pretty intense and hard-as-nails music. That is just what Violent Entity delivers. Cold, steel, dark electro that's worked around a world interpreted by Damien Drullinger, filled with death, power, honor, and the harsh realities of the world.

Mechanized Division, the debut release, opens with "Cold as Ice," which begins with a chilling, murderous sample, a sweeping synth line hits, which leads you into the dark beat that is the body of a song which comes together in a well-orchestrated way.

"In This Darkness" reveals the power of simplicity. Instead of following the trend of having over-complex song structures, he goes down a path less traveled, reminiscent of early Mentallo & The Fixer and Suicide Commando.

The final two tracks are remixes provided by Battery Cage and Supreme Court. Both bands basically kick the originals in the balls and make them even more enraged and brutal than before.

Overall, the album boasts an old school EBM style, but it blends the past and the present to appeal to those missing the golden days of EBM music and those who love the current state of it.

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