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The Generators | Excess Betrayal and our Dearly Departed | review | rock | Lollipop

The Generators

Excess Betrayal... and our Dearly Departed (Fiend Music)
By Scott Hefflon

The lost record, released in Europe only in 2003, on I Used to Fuck People Like You in Prison Records (I still love that label name). Fiend is helped by Curtis ex-TKO, who knows his shit. MUCH more blazing rock'n'roll than the street punk I seem to recall. Damn fine stuff. Fans of Hanoi Rocks and Backyard Babies and the Hellacopters and Social D oughtta dig into this. Hard-livin' rock, with manly vocals, charging guitars, and even a tuff ballad with some piano called "Thirty Seconds" to nurse your whisky to, remembering lost friends, and that one cool girl ya shouldn't've cheated on and been such an asshole to. And there's a video for that tune as well.


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