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The Bloody Hollies | If Footman Tire You | review | rock | Lollipop

The Bloody Hollies

If Footman Tire You (Alive)
by Craig Regala

Shit-hot rocker-garage cum kick-ass mixed with dynamism collected from hot pennies handled by The Sonics, The Up, The Makers, and many other "The" bands as well as non-"The's" like, say, Mensen or LA Peste, as well as a buncha cool stuff found on Gearhead compilations. Perfecty recorded/produced by Jim Diamond (Patsies, Dirtbombs) up there in Detroit. I mean, shit, if you like this kinda thing (like if you like cheeseburgers and free beer), you'll like it. If you don't, you won't. It's a classic rock and roll disc at 30.5 minutes, but I'd dig hearin'm eat up a couple of someone else's tunes to kick it over the 36 minute mark. How 'bouts anything by Moving Targets, or something by contemporaries The Decibators ( I always thought it was cool when '50s and '60s bands would do any tune they dug, even trying to piggy back recent hits!), Nine Pound Hammer, or Hüsker Dü's "In A Free Land"? These guys have hi-energy that never dissolves into watery panic punk or piddly indie-thrash. The pick-to-click for your next fucking iPod party? "Gasoline," with its sly, bent riff you can tuck between The Stooges' "Loose" and The New Bomb Turks' "I Want My Baby... Dead?" and get laid like crazy.


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